About Me

My earliest memories are of my parents making the objects that made up our life. My father, a carpenter, built the house I grew up in, while mother made our clothes and crocheted pretty things to use around the house. 
Creating objects that could be used in everyday life, the idea of art as craft, is the most basic appeal of ceramics. I have made many types of pottery and used different clay and firings, but it has been the functional pieces, the objects people use every day, that have been the core of my work. 

I have fifty years of professional experience in Colorado, Michigan and New Jersey. In my work I am constantly exploring new shapes and glazes for functional pieces. Even after all these years I still look forward to each new piece, and the firing, and the potential for growth. 

I also create decorative art with my houses & memory boxes, setting clay houses in vintage boxes with photographs and watercolors. 

Over the years I have made a lot of pots, but with every mug, or bowl I make comes the thought that this piece will take its place on someone’s table, and that it will become one of the objects that makes up their life. 

I hope you will add my work to your life.

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